Composable MES App Suite

The Composable MES App Suite provides a starting point for your frontline engineers to create innovative production systems that can leverage Tulip’s AI, analytics, vision, and edge connectivity capabilities to meet your exact needs on the shop floor. These apps are easily configurable building blocks designed with manufacturing best practices to accelerate time to value compared to traditional systems. Giving you the ability to only pick the apps you need, the Composable MES App Suite takes advantage of a powerful common data model to easily extend and configure the data in your system to meet the specific needs of your operation.

The Foundation for a Flexible Solution

Production management shop floor illustration

Drive impactful decisions with real-time operations data

What can these apps do for you?

  • Gain real-time visibility into production
  • Elevate productivity with real-time alerts and performance analysis
  • Monitor machines, assembly, and processes through production
Inventory shop floor illustration

Track materials as they move through production processes

What can these apps do for you?

  • Provide real-time status of inventory levels
  • Improve material flow visibility
  • Predict inventory levels to eliminate stock-outs
Quality shop floor illustration

Ensure quality at each step of your production

What can these apps do for you?

  • Error-proof operator workflows
  • Increase the efficiency and frequency of quality checks
  • Ensure only high-quality materials and parts move downstream
Compliance & traceability management shop floor illustration

Maintain compliance and get through audits faster

What can these apps do for you?

  • Create a digital record to track product lineage
  • Promote quality through operator guidance and defect tracking
  • Evaluate your processes to ensure operating standards

Apps in this Collection

Use the apps in the Composable MES App Suite in the way you want - as a full collection, as an individual suite, or in a combination that works for you. All apps work together on the Common Data Model, making them connectable, extendable, and configurable.


The Quality App Suite supports activities to reduce the occurrence of quality escapes and reduce the cost to mitigate quality issues, such as rework, scrap, and root cause.

How to Use Composable MES?


Start with an App Suite

Select the apps that best fit your needs to get started with best-practice building blocks for your solution.


Configure the Solution to Your Operations

Modify the apps to solve your specific problems. Leverage Tulip's library of widgets, connectors, and apps to create a system that fits your specific needs.


Deploy, Optimize, and Continuously Improve

Continue to evolve your system as your needs grow. With AI, vision, and edge connectivity, use Tulip to meet your needs as your production changes.


Dive into the ideas and resources used in the Composable MES app suites

Find the Best Solution for Your Operations

Understand the difference between a traditional MES and a composable operations platform to help you choose the right solution for your business.

Factory floor with workers using Tulip